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Posted on Thursday, 9 September 2021 - By Amelia

At Beauty Bliss we stock hundreds of products, so for all of us staff to have each picked our TOP product is pretty impressive - and you know that they must be good. These four products are ones that we have bought over and over, and can never go without.

Toni: Olaplex - No. 3 Hair Perfector

Olaplex is a haircare brand renowned for their patented bond-building technology that provides real, structural repair to hair that works from within. Out of their entire range, it is the No. 3 Hair Perfector that Toni cannot go without.

Toni is something of a serial hair dyer, and is currently on a journey to get her hair from dark brown to blonde. Although she has now upgraded to professional salon treatments from a box-dye DIY approach, the process still requires regular hair-bleaching which is super drying. However, once Toni started using Olaplex No.3, her hair went from feeling like straw, to being silky soft, smooth and brushable. In Toni's own words, No. 3 is "magic in a bottle".

No.3 is a concentrated treatment that reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair, improving its look and feel. The formula acts to maintain hair strength, structure, integrity, softness and shine of hair, and the results (as Toni can confirm) really speak for themselves. For any person who has dry, damaged hair, this is product you NEED to try - you just won't regret it.

Gemma: Loving Tan - Dark Gradual Tan

Loving Tan stock some of the best self-tanning products there are on the market, and it is their Deluxe Gradual Tan in the shade 'Dark' that Gemma swears by. This deluxe gradual tan has a luxuriously lightweight formula, giving you a super natural looking bronzed glow all year round. Unlike other gradual tans, Gemma has found that the Loving Tan Dark Gradual Tan gives a strong colour after one application and never feels sticky. The nourishing ingredients that this gradual tan is packed full of moisturises and hydrates skin as the luminous tan develops. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and supple with a sun kissed glow after use.

The best thing about this tan that Gemma loves is that you don't need to wash it off and it never leaves you streaky. We call this the 'lazy tan' because it is SO easy to use - in fact, it's hard to go back anything else once you've given this gradual tan a go.

Jazz: Essie - Enamel Nail Colour in 'Salt Water Happy'

Jazz is a HUGE fan of colour and when she saw this Essie Nail Polish shade, she instantly fell in love. It is the nicest baby blue and is one of those colours that looks good on everyone. The polish provides flawless coverage (Jazz often gets away with using only 1 coat) along with outstanding durability, giving you salon-quality looking results.

The brushes in this nail-polish range are designed to fit every nail size for streak-free application and it dries super fast - even the most impatient person (*cough* Jazzz *cough*) won't be able to ruin the polish before it has time to dry. Painting your nails has never been easier or looked cuter.

Amelia: Carousel Cosmetics - Makeup Removing Puffs

My Carousel Cosmetics Makeup Removing Puffs are one of my must-have, essential bathroom accessories. They remove makeup and cleanse skin so easily without causing irritation to my sensitive skin. The thing I love about these puffs is that they are reusable and require only water to work, making them so much better for the environment than many other makeup-removing alternatives I've tried.

These Makeup Removing Puffs are effective, affordable and really do work. Simply add water and gently wipe your face and boom - makeup is removed effortlessly. They pick up so much extra makeup residue that other products failed to remove, and my skin is now clearer than ever.

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