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Introducing Glow Hub!

Posted on Monday, 30 May 2022 - By Amelia

About Glow Hub

If you haven't already heard about Glow Hub, don't worry, you'll soon be an expert. Glow Hub is a UK based brand specialising in skincare. All Glow Hub products are made using cruelty free and vegan formulas, blending natural actives with gentle science. The result? Hard working products that deliver results!

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The Glow Hub range offers a skin routine for everyone - whether it be a targeted solution or a simple routine, Glow Hub has you covered.

My absolute favourite thing about Glow Hub has to be their packaging. First of all, it's just so darn cute! But secondly, not only does it look great, but it's colour coded (mind = blown, this is expert level of genius). There are three ranges stocked here at Beauty Bliss, and all products in each range come are packaged in the same colour to make them super easy to identify.

If you're like me, creating and maintaining a skin routine can be hard, but Glow Hub is here to make our lives easier. They have created a guide that shows you how often to use each product, and where in your skin routine they should be used. The basic formula is this:

1. Cleanse (morning + night)
2. Mask (twice weekly)
3. Tone (morning + night)
4. Mist (use morning or night, and throughout the day when need)
5. Serum (morning + night)
6. Moisturise (morning + night)

This guide, combined with the colour coordinated ranges, allows you to target a particular skin concern head-on, or to mix + match products to customise the perfect routine made just for you.

The Calm & Soothe Range

The Calm & Soothe range is targeted at addressing stressed out skin and redness. If you have easily irritated skin, this range is for you. All products in the Calm & Soothe range contain hemp seed oil + jojoba extract and come in cute, pastel green packaging. Hemp seed oil is omega-rich, and it is known to help balance, hydrate and calm skin. Jojoba extract has a variety of healing properties and acts as an anti-inflammatory, soothing irritated skin and controlling redness. The combined effect of these two powerful ingredients is that after use, skin is left feeling soothed, hydrated and considerably calmer.

The product I am most excited for in this range is the Calm & Soothe Gel To Oil Cleanser. This cleanser transforms from a cooling gel to soothing oil, allowing you cleanse your skin using the best of both worlds. This cleanser is said to wash away all makeup and impurities, while nourishing and calming skin at the same time. The result is impurity-free skin that feels as amazing as it looks. Follow with the rest of the Calm & Soothe range, and your skin is going to be glowing in no time.

The Nourish & Hydrate Range

Got dry, thirsty skin and love the smell of the tropics? Say hello to Glow Hub's Nourish & Hydrate range. Infused with peach extract, hyaluronic acid and coconut water, all products in the Nourish & Hydrate range can be spotted by their peachy orange coloured packaging. Peach extract is packed full of Vitamin C, and works to not only hydrate skin, but to also brighten, even and smooth. From plumping to making your skin glow, Hyaluronic acid works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle, and add extra moisture to your skin. Finally, Coconut Water refreshes, nourishes and hydrates skin, while also smelling amazing.

Coming into Winter, my skin has become noticeably dryer, so I am always looking for any way to add a bit of extra moisture - this range is therefore right up my alley. The Nourish & Hydrate Face Mask Stick has me really intrigued, as not only have I never seen a face mask in stick form before, but this mask promises to soothe & soften, balance, and hydrate skin all at the same time. When this mask also smells like coconuts and peaches, all I can say is sign me up!

The Purify & Brighten Range

The last major range in the Glow Hub collection is the Purify & Brighten range. Formulated specifically for those with problematic skin, all products in the Purify & Brighten range (which come in cute purple packaging) are designed to target breakouts, using the unstoppable combination of white willow bark, salicylic acid, blueberry extract & black tea. Known for its antioxidant properties, blueberry extract helps calm and brighten skin complexion, while black tea extract detoxifies and balances. With the addition of white willow bark and salicylic acid which gently exfoliate, helping to de-clog pores and lessen the appearance of breakouts, this formula is action packed and will leave your skin clear and looking radiant.

The Purify & Brighten Super Serum is number 1 on my must-try list. This ultra-lightweight & skin brightening super serum claims to balance & clarify skin, while also tackling impurities. Skin is left looking visibly clearer after 4 weeks of use, and application seems easy: apply 3-4 drops to skin after cleansing but before moisturising, morning and night. For someone with slightly problematic skin, trying this serum seems like a no-brainer.

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