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False Lashes Without Glue? Meet KISS imPRESS Falsies!

Posted on Friday, 31 May 2024 - By Gemma

False Lashes Without Glue? Meet KISS imPRESS Falsies!
Never managed to get the hang of gluing on strip lashes? Say goodbye to the frustration and hello to KISS imPRESS Falsies! With a pre-bonded adhesive, you can skip the sticky mess and complicated application.

What are imPRESS Falsies?

Introducing KISS imPRESS Press on Lashes, the ultimate solution for effortlessly enhancing your lash game. These innovative press-on lashes are designed to simplify your beauty routine with their pre-bonded adhesive clusters, eliminating the need for messy glue and complicated application. Available in a variety of styles like Natural, Voluminous, and Spiky, imPRESS Press on Lashes ensure you have the perfect, stress-free lashes for any occasion.

How the heck do they work?

The KISS imPRESS Press on Lashes offer an innovative and hassle-free approach to achieving stunning lashes. Each cluster of lashes comes pre-bonded with a special adhesive that sticks securely to your natural lashes or lash line without the need for additional glue. This adhesive is designed to provide a firm hold that lasts up to a full day, ensuring your lashes stay in place from morning to night.

To remove them, simply peel the clusters off starting from the outer corner. These press-on lashes are ideal for anyone looking to simplify their beauty routine, particularly those who struggle with traditional strip lashes and messy, sticky glue. KISS imPRESS Press on Lashes offer convenience, versatility, and professional-quality results, making them a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced lash users.

imPRESS Press-On False Lash Packs

For those new to the world of imPRESS lashes, the full packs offer the perfect introduction. Each pack includes an applicator tool, making the application process even easier for beginners. These packs come in three distinct styles—Natural, Voluminous, and Spiky—ensuring there's something for everyone. Each pack contains 20 clusters of lashes, ranging from 12mm to 14mm in length, providing ample opportunities to experiment and find your signature look.

Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement with the Natural style or crave bold, statement-making lashes with the Voluminous or Spiky options, these full packs have you covered. With the added convenience of the applicator tool and generous lash supply, diving into the world of imPRESS Falsies has never been more enticing

imPRESS Press-On False Lash Mini Packs

For the seasoned imPRESS Falsies aficionados or those looking for a compact and affordable option, the KISS imPRESS Press on Falsies Minipacks are the way to go.

These convenient packs contain 12 clusters of lashes, rather than 20 like the main packs. Perfect for those who have amassed a collection of applicators (that would be me), these minipacks skip the applicator to streamline the essentials. Available in three distinct styles—Natural, Voluminous, and Wispy—each with new varieties, you can mix and match to your heart's content for endless lash possibilities. And with their refill-like nature, these minipacks come at a wallet-friendly price of $18.95

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What people are saying

"I am in love with these. They are ridiculously easy to apply, and do not budge once they're on! They look so natural as well. I was worried I'd feel them since I applied them under my lashes but honestly I forgot I was even wearing them. They weren't a pain at all to remove either which is wild since they lasted through the Wellington wind!" ~Gemma (BB Staff)

"These lashes are a game changer. I've never like putting lashes under my own, but these, these are something else! I am absolutely in love. I've also been reusing them with lash glue! Am on my way to buy more!!" ~Aimee

"I’m a beginner lash gal and these were so easy to apply! They lasted a few days and looked amazing. I got the “spike” style and was a little worried they would be too much but they weren’t, they were perfect. Will definitely be purchasing again. So much easier than the normal strip lash!" ~Hayley

Ready to simplify your beauty routine and make a statement with your lashes? Try KISS imPRESS Press on Lashes today and experience the difference for yourself.

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