Thin Lizzy is an accessible, functional cosmetic brand that can be trusted for its performance and great value. Know for their automatic hair curler and high coverage concealer, Thin Lizzy is a staple in many cosmetic bags across New Zealand.
Lip Mask 3in1 Intense Hydration Lip Mask 3in1 Intense Hydration
SAVE $9.88 Max Lash Mascara Max Lash Mascara
1 review
$27.55 $17.67 AUD
SAVE $14.67 Blurring Brush Blurring Brush
1 review
$41.35 $26.68 AUD
Blending Sponge Blending Sponge
Blush Brush Blush Brush
SAVE $42.09 Puffy Eye Remover Microcream Puffy Eye Remover Microcream
3 reviews
$104.88 $62.79 AUD
Highlighter Brush Highlighter Brush

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