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The Official Beauty Bliss Guide to: R+Co Dry Shampoos

Posted on Monday, 16 May 2022 - By Amelia

In need of a dry shampoo but unsure which to go for? R+Co has you absolutely covered. This range of luxe dry shampoos will help you create day-one, fresh looking hair within seconds, while also adding gorgeous texture and volume.

Use each product by itself or a combination of a few - you'll find your dream style routine with these R+Co dry shampoos. All R+Co products are Paraben, Sulfate (SLS or SLES), Petrolatum and Mineral Oil Free, so hair is always safe and left to feel and look its best.

Death Valley Dry Shampoo

Death Valley Dry Shampoo is a vitamin infused, luxe version of your classic dry shampoo. It is an aerosol spray rich in nourishing vitamin E, vitamin B5, rice protein and antixodiants which work to thicken, strengthen and restore shin to hair.

For those wanting more volume and to promote hair texture, Death Valley is for you! It will absorb unwanted oil in the hair while adding body, allowing you to get away with extending the length between hair washes.

To use, spray it onto dry hair about 10 inches away from your head. The more you spray, the more volume you will be able to build in your hair, so spray liberally! If there are specific areas where you're wanting to control, we recommend you spray Death Valley directly onto the palms of your hands and apply directly to concern areas for added control. For a piecey texture, spray directly onto individual strands.

Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist

Spiritualized Dry Shampoo Mist is the hair product you never knew you needed - it's more than just a dry shampoo and has even be described as "dingy hair rehab"! The revolutionary micellar formula of this product is infused with suspended cleansing power, which works to sooth itchy scalp, help remove build up and refresh hair. Hair is left feeling cleaner than after using regular dry shampoos and you can be assured that no powdery residue is left behind.

While Spiritualized is great for all hair types, it's especially good for those leading an active lifestyle, who sweat a lot or are frequent wearers of braids, wigs or extensions. Spiritualized removes the need for frequent traditional cleanses, making it perfect for those who don't have the time but still need to remove product that has built up.

To use, shake well, and then spray it 15-20cms away from the root. Let it sit for 30 to 45 seconds before massaging through. Spiritualized is great for in between hair washing days.

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is an absolute miracle product and combines two essential hair products into the one. Badlands is one part dry shampoo, one part styling paste, the combined effort of which restores dull hair to it's day-one beauty. Volcanic ash naturally cleanses and balances the scalp, while zeolite (a neutralizing powder) aids in absorbing excess oil. The innovative formula, which dries matte, simultaneously lifts and adds volume at the roots, as well as adding hair shine, definition and protection against free radicals + oxidisation.

Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste is great for anyone wanting to add amazing second-day texture to hair while also absorbing unwanted hair oils.

To use, emulsify a dime-size amount in your palms, and then apply it directly to the root area for added lift. Alternatively (or in addition), apply Badlands through the mid-shafts and ends of hair to bring out texture. Don't worry, it will not weigh down your hair! Badlands can be used on second day hair, or on damp hair with a blow dryer for added volume.

Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder

Not one to wash your hair often or need an instant refresher after the gym? Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder is going to be your absolute saviour. This intense oil absorber will allow you to go out in public with third and fourth day hair. I know I am going to NEED to take this on my next camping trip!!

Skyline is infused with so many nourishing ingredients. Diatomaceous Earth absorbs impurities on the hair and scalp and gives hair subtle texture and grip. Jojoba Seed Oil weightlessly conditions hair, adds shine and balances sebum levels on the scalp. Finally, Burdock Root Extract helps maintain healthy scalp by removing loose dandruff flakes.

If you're wanting to extend your style for several days, Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder is best applied directly to the scalp in the root area, and then blend it through either using your fingers or a brush to encourage texture. If it's instant texture you're wanting, dispense Skyline into your palms, and then scrunch hair to activate texture.

Use More than One!

Because the R+Co dry shampoos all have different properties and are designed to target a range of hair concerns, don't be shy to choose more than one. Our favourite dry shampoo combo is using a mixture of Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste and Death Valley.

Start by applying Badlands directly to hair roots to add memory, lift and grit, and follow by applying Death Valley through the mid-shafts and ends of your hair to keep hair soft, touchable and lightweight. It's the perfect duo for hair that looks fresh, healthy and is anything but dull.

Mix, match and experiment with these dry shampoos to find the combination that works best for you.

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