Australian founded hair brand, Mermade, believe that beautiful hair should be easy! Their team of hair enthusiasts create tools and products that inspire a new generation of hairdressers, stylists and the everyday lover of gorgeous hair. The launch of their signature tool – the original MERMADE Hair Waver – broke the internet. It is now one of the hottest and fastest selling hair tools across the globe. Now, they're creating the next game-changer hair tools and products. It’s as simple as Prep. Wave. Made.
Blow Dry Brush Blow Dry Brush
14 reviews
$107.10 AUD
Interchangeable Blow-Dry Brush Interchangeable Blow-Dry Brush
Hair Styling Wax Stick Hair Styling Wax Stick
No Crease Clips No Crease Clips
2 reviews
$11.00 AUD
Pro Waver - Pink 32mm Pro Waver - Pink 32mm
The Double Waver The Double Waver
Diffuser Diffuser
1 review
$12.00 AUD
Hair Straightener Hair Straightener
1 review
$101.37 AUD
Pro Mini Waver - Pink 25mm Pro Mini Waver - Pink 25mm
Hair Gel Wand Hair Gel Wand
Styling Primer Styling Primer
Pro Waver Cutie 22mm - Lilac Pro Waver Cutie 22mm - Lilac
Pro Mini Waver - Black 25mm Pro Mini Waver - Black 25mm
Pro Waver - Black 32mm Pro Waver - Black 32mm
Hair Dryer Hair Dryer
1 review
$111.60 AUD
Aircurl Aircurl
Detangle Brush Detangle Brush
Clarifying Styling Shampoo Clarifying Styling Shampoo
Toiletry Bag Toiletry Bag
1 review
$11.70 AUD
Deep Nourishing Styling Conditioner Deep Nourishing Styling Conditioner
Heat Mat & Clutch - Black Heat Mat & Clutch - Black
Dream Wash Bundle Dream Wash Bundle
Everyday Brush Everyday Brush
Comb Kit Comb Kit
Slay My Mane Bundle Slay My Mane Bundle
Repair Mask Repair Mask

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