Looking for a natural-looking tan? Look no further than Loving Tan. Made with premium, organic, and naturally-derived ingredients, this professional-strength formula is perfect for achieving a deep, olive-toned glow that looks just like the real thing. With a built-in color guide and quick-drying formula, Loving Tan makes it easy to get the perfect tan every time. And best of all, it's cruelty-free. Join the ranks of beauty influencers and A-list stars who swear by Loving Tan and experience the difference for yourself.

The Purest Collection - Dark The Purest Collection - Dark
Purest Applicator Mitt Purest Applicator Mitt
Purest Tanning Mousse Purest Tanning Mousse
Purest Tanning Lotion Purest Tanning Lotion
Purest Face Tanning Serum Purest Face Tanning Serum

Who is it for?
Everyone! Loving Tan products are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a natural, sexy tan within minutes. The unique formula provides you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deeper darker tan. The colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. With different shades to suit all skin tones, there is a perfect product for you.

Why is Loving Tan different?
– It is a truly professional strength formula with professional spray tan results.
– Its 3 in 1 – It contains an Instant Bronzer, Self Tanner and Moisturiser! The instant bronzer is so handy for when you are wanting an instant tan.
– It is streak free as the instant colour ensures the clear active ingredients have been applied evenly over the body
– It Contains high quality dual active self tanner ingredients providing a natural colour
– It is naturally derived with no Parabens or alcohol

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