At Tailor, we believe beauty is about mindfulness, self love, confidence and your daily self care regime using beautiful products that do the very best for your skin and wellbeing. We’re passionate about optimising your skin health journey with our scientifically proven, effective Tailor Skincare range because skincare is self care. We create concentrated, highly active ingredient blends designed to be combined with our natural, cruelty-free base products. Each formulation is blended with precision for every skin concern at every age.
Hydrate - Eye Gel & Facial Serum Hydrate - Eye Gel & Facial Serum
Mini Kit Mini Kit
Awaken Eye Cream Awaken Eye Cream
Polish Polish
2 reviews
$32.45 AUD
Oil Cleanse Oil Cleanse
3 reviews
$36.16 AUD
Tailor Towels - 2 x Makeup Removing Cloths Tailor Towels - 2 x Makeup Removing Cloths
Daily Skincare Essentials Bundle Daily Skincare Essentials Bundle
Moisture Moisture
1 review
$54.70 AUD
Illume - Youth Elixir Illume - Youth Elixir
Gold Dust Gold Dust
Ageing Skin Essentials Ageing Skin Essentials
Hyaluronic Acid Bundle Hyaluronic Acid Bundle
Renew Renew

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