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Danessa Myricks Beauty Groundwork: Blooming Romance

Posted on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 - By Jen

Say hello to the newest addition to the award winning Groundwork family – the Groundwork Blooming Romance Palette. Inspired by the endless magic of self-love, this is Groundwork reimagined in hues of pinks, taupes, berries and magentas for every skin tone for face, eyes and lips.

Danessa Myricks is back at it again, creating a beautiful multi-use palette! New to the Groundwork fam is: Blooming Romance.

Like the Groundwork: Defining Neutrals palette, there are ten shades coming in both a velvet pomade and a shape n' fix powder.

The velvet pomade can be used to define, line and shape your looks and the powder formula is perfect for filling, blending, shading and setting.

The larger pan contains the velvet pomade and the smaller pan holds the shape n' fix powder.

Because of the two formulas in this palette, the uses are endless.

Here are some of our fave ways to use the Groundwork Blooming Romance palette:

Shaping the eyes:

  • Apply the Velvet Pomade for structure and definition, then follow with a lighter or corresponding powder shade to soften, lock in, enhance and add colour to the eye look.

Filling in brows:

  • Use Velvet Pomades to add structure and definition.
  • Apply Shape N' Fix Powders with a small, angled brush to fill in and soften.
Line and define lips:
  • Trace, line, and wing with Velvet Pomades.
  • Layer with Shape N' Fix Powders to set, smudge, and fill.

Defining the face:

  • Use the Velvet Pomade as a creamy blush.
  • Apply colour to the cheekbones and temples with a fluffy brush when contouring and defining with the Shape N' Fix powders.
One of the many reasons we love Danessa Myricks Beauty is how inclusive the products are! As you can see, the shades in this palette compliment a wide range of skin tones and all the models look stunning!

Grab your very own Blooming Romance palette here.

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