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Checking out the Gingy Advent Calendar!

Posted on Monday, 16 October 2023 - By Jen

Sorry, this calendar is now SOLD OUT!
Run, run as fast as you can... to get the ultimate countdown to Christmas – the Gingy 12-day Advent Calendar is a must-have for Shrek fans! All individually boxed in a Gingy-shaped souvenir tin, you'll find everything from gingy eyeshdow to gumdrop blushers – it doesn't get any sweeter than this. A Shrek-tacular way to start the festive season!

In this blog post I will be showing off all the items in this advent calendar so if you're wanting to get this for yourself and want to keep it a surprise - click away now! There's gonna be spoilers!!


I am loving the Prince Charming lip gloss.

If you're a Shrek fan like me you'll be familiar with the part at the end of the second movie where Prince Charming is pretending to be the human version of Shrek. Fiona say to him, "Are you wearing lip gloss!?" and Charming says, "Cherry flavor, wanna try?" And now we will all be able to try and enjoy that cherry lip gloss.

The cherry lip gloss has a sweet cherry scent and a nice pinky glitter to it. I'm not much of a lip gloss wearer but I do really like this one.

The Farquaad lip gloss is far more opaque on the lip with a thicker consistency than the Charming lip gloss. It is much more red and vibrant, almost like a liquid lipstick but not quite.

Lastly we have the 3 Little Pigs lipstick. I found this lipstick to be rather sheer but a nice colour over all. A nice pinky nude is an easy thing to wear.


Now for the cheeks~

These two products have the cutest imprints in the pans, I'm pretty sure its the sad Mongo face from Shrek 2.

The highlight is a rose goldy shimmer which is super creamy.

Using this with the shimmers from the eyeshadow palette you can have a festive rose gold look!

This Gumdrop Blusher - oh boy. What a colour!

A vibrant gumdrop purple is a bold choice but I also love how different it is. You could totally do a monochrome look with this using it as a blush and then also for the eyes.


The Gingy 9 Pan Eyeshadow Palette is SO cute.

I felt bad sticking my fingers in this as some of the shades have that same sad Mongo face pressed into them!

The shimmers are super creamy and easy to apply. My fave is the second to last one that's slightly purplely.

The mattes in this palette are also pretty nice, I reckon you'd need an eyeshadow primer to really get the most pigment out of them.

Mixed with the shimmers you can create really nice orangey/brown eye looks that are perfect for the festive season!

All of these shades make me think of Gingy and the "Not the gumdrop button" line on the inside of the packaging is a fun touch.

This liquid eyeshadow is just wow.

With its bright gold colour it matches well with any of the colours from the Ginigy palette. The consistancy was smooth and creamy, making it easy to blend out.

In the photo here I've just tapped it with my finger to get more of a gradient.

I think this would be really cool as a graphic liner with the eyeshadows in the Gingy palette. If you're going for a full gold look chuck some yellow or goldy eyeshadow on under this and it'll really make that gold pop.

I reckon you could also use this as a highlighter if you gently tap it onto the high points of your face with your fingers for a glittery gold highlight.

We've also got a lil Shrek brow gel in this advent calendar.

It's a pretty standard brow gel - clear, shapes ya brows.

I found that this brow gel did become a bit gluey so I recommend using it sparingly. But it does its job.

Tools & Accessories

Lets start with the blender sponge~

This sponge cracks me up because it is one of Gingys gumdrop buttons! This is a perfect choice and I'm proud of Revolution for thinking of it. It's a super soft and squishy sponge, the only thing with this sponge is that getting into the under eye areas is a bit tricky as the shape is much rounder than the usual teardrop blender sponges.

Next I'm having a go with these two little makeup brushes. The official name for these are "Ogre Mini Brush Duo" and yup they are they mini. I have to say, I don't love these. They are teeny weeny and a bit fiddlely to use. The larger of the two brushes is probably best for blending and the smaller one is better for packing on eyeshadow. The bristles are nice and soft but they're not my fave.

The Ginigy pocket mirror: Its cute, its his face and its a mirror. I'm not a compact mirror kinda gal but if having a small mirror on the go is your thing then this is perfect.

I'll tell you what I do really like, is this candy cane scrunchie! The candy cane is obvs Christmassy but also might be a reference to Gingys cane that he uses after his legs get snapped off! Its super cute with the sequins on it. I'll totally be wearing this on Xmas day.

And there we have it!

This awesome advent calendar comes in this large tin shaped like Gingy which is great by itself or filled with goodies.

I recommend:

  • Makeup
  • Cookies
  • Lollies
  • Misc trinkets and knick knacks

All round this is a great advent calendar and my personal favourite out of the ones we got this year!

Grab this 12 Day Gingy Advent Calendar quick as he is limited edition!!

@beautyblissnz Gingy's first (and last ) day at work! He's the biggest distraction and kept trying all our products and eating all our tim tams.  Good thing he's adorable hehe #Gingyadventcalendar ♬ original sound - Beauty Bliss

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