Get gravity defying, mould breaking, trend setting results at home with Fudge's range of professional hair care!

When Fudge Professional's founder stepped in chewing gum in his home town of Sydney, Australia, it sparked the idea for a revolutionary hair product which would change the male styling market as we all knew it. Inspired by that very moment, Shaper was born. Its industry-changing texture was controversial, unexpected, but totally genius, remaining unchanged since it first launched, and ever since 1991 Fudge has been out here Fudging the Rules of Styling. Today, Fudge's mission is to offer a comprehensive range of unique and on-trend products which support the needs of the salon professional, and their clients who want to experiment with their style at home, on the move, or wherever they feel like it.
Salt Spray Salt Spray
$23.46 AUD
Xpander Gelee Hair Thickening Shampoo Xpander Gelee Hair Thickening Shampoo
Fat Hed Styling Cream Fat Hed Styling Cream
Matte Hed Styling Wax Matte Hed Styling Wax
Grooming Putty Grooming Putty
XXL Hair Thickener Putty XXL Hair Thickener Putty
Blow Dry Aqua Primer Blow Dry Aqua Primer
Tri Blo
$25.76 AUD

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